Injection of Chockfast® Orange between the bridge deck and the bridge supporting carrousel in order to support the bridge weight and protect its rotational system.

We see every project as a challenge, a new opportunity to help our customers find the perfect solution in the field of calligraphy and sealing. This is just one example of a collaboration that has been successfully completed!


Grout a product over reduced and variable thicknesses. The specs required a resin resisting to high compressive loads and severe wear and tear. The formwork had to be installed and finalized before that its final dimensions would be known.


Chockfast ® Orange was proposed to the client as it is the ideal product for this type of application. Finres designed an adaptive formwork system allowing to inject product independently of the final grouting thickness.


The adaptive formwork was installed on the support plate of the rotational system prior to the installation of the bridge deck. The client could then place the bridge in its final position with respect to the rotational system. FINRES then injected an impressive amount of Chockfast® orange in between the bridge and its supporting carrousel. All these specific tasks were executed safely while working at a height of 4m.

A huge thank you to Jan Tiré, Project Manager at Demako, for his trust and his testimony:

“In order to fill a 10 m² area between our mechanical parts and a 2000 tonne steel structure, we were looking for a flexible partner who was willing to take on this challenge. The area to be covered had an irregular shape and a variable height. Finres managed to come up with an out-of-the-box solution that was also executed very quickly & smoothly. Because a lot of attention was paid to determining the correct approach and the work preparation, we are extremely satisfied with the cooperation for this complex assignment.”

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