Chockfast® project for the 1st European Galvanizing installation in Belgium

How to restore the perfect alignment of the coil feeder rails in record time?

We see every project as a challenge, a new opportunity to help our customers find the perfect solution for wedging and sealing. This is just one example of a collaboration that was successfully completed!

The challenge

The machine can only be stopped for a maximum of 36 hours. During this time we had to plan the complete dismantling of the existing rail, the reassembly, the perfect alignment and the sealing. Even though we are used to working in record time, it was essential to put in place a precise plan of action, anticipating every unforeseen event and working hand in hand with the various parties involved.

The Finres SA proposal

In terms of the product used, we proposed working with Chockfast ® Red because it ensures perfect alignment and adequate resistance to any oil and grease leaks from the reel feeder.

The realisation

Finres was involved in the entire process of this project. From the determination of the work procedure and the schedule to the coordination with the mechanical team. An efficient collaboration for an optimal result.

A huge thank you to Georges Philippet, Mechanical Maintenance Manager at Segal, for his confidence and his testimony:

Following a request from SEGAL to repair the seat of a rail coil forklift (30 ton capacity), we agreed with Mr. Scheppers on an action plan to meet the requirements of the specifications.
After the purchase process of SEGAL, FINRES was ready to start the necessary actions according to the production schedule.
On the day, the FINRES and SEGAL teams worked together to meet the deadlines.
Following this joint intervention, we were able to test the operation of the said loading trolley and conclude that the work carried out was a good job.
If in the future I am consulted for a similar job, I will gladly recommend FINRES for their competence, professionalism and availability.

Do you have a question about a similar project? Do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to help you.