A challenging and beautifull realisation for a renovation project according to the rules of the trade
(Client : Atelier d’Architecture du Congrès)

Let’s discover how did we used of the best techniques and materials on a 550m² façade for a long-term quality solution. This with professionnal support from the beginning to the end of the project


1964 arch SMEDT & RAMON emblematic building, 41-42 rue des 2 Eglises in Brussels, whose polyester façade elements needed to be completely refurbished. A project entrusted to the architectural firm Aac-Hossey, which FINRES SA was pleased to accompany from start to end.

The requirements? A reliable and durable solution that could last at least 10 years with an ultra-quality finish.


After a complete analysis of the project, we recommended working with Stoppani-Lechler’s ISOFAN MARINE painting cycle. This system is recommended for the protection and finishing of Mega-Yachts and has been formulated to withstand extreme conditions: very high resistance to UV, water and humidity, abrasion… and offers a very high gloss finish.


Finres SA had the pleasure of following the project from A to Z in collaboration with the different parties (the architect’s office and the contractor RENOBOX) in order to be able to offer a complete supervision of the good implementation of the products. From the system used to protect the surfaces to be treated to the final application, including preparation, repairs and the choice of the types of application of the various coats. All this for a long-term quality result.

Always a pleasure to work with fantastic clients and receive such as feedback ! :

FINRES has been a constant support in this complex project, both in the design and in the follow-up of the execution, and has shown a high level of professionalism.” Frédéric Hossey | Architecht & Manager – AAC HOSSEY