About us

  • 1976 : BMB NV / SA is created with as objective to distribute and apply the Philadelphia Resins (now known as ITW) products in Belgium and Luxemburg.  The most well known of these products are CHOCKFAST ®, REPAIR COMPOUND ® and QUICLSET ®.
    MBB was specialized, mainly in the Merchant Marine, in grouting engines, winches, and other vibration sensitive machinery with epoxy grout.  This under the supervision of international certification organizations like Lloyds, Veritas or Rina. 
  • 1991 : BMB’s activity is taken over by Finres Group NV / SA who successfully Widnes the Epoxy Grout application scope to th heavy and petrochemical industry where compressors, pumps, generators and turbines were grouted with succes.
  • 1996 : Another area of the heavy industry is successfully explored.  The Finres grouting experience is used for grouting rails, stone crushers, lock rails and any other element that has a need for a high compression resistance and where grouting without shrink is required.
  • 2001 : As new department, within Finres Group is opened.  Being heavily implicated in Epoxy grouting product in B to B, the opportunity presents itself to widen the range of products brought to market to Polyester, Polyurethane, Vinyl ester in applications where surface treatment against abrasion, corrosion and chemical resistance are key. Repair of a retention basin for 98% sulfuric acid, repair of a corroded floor due to leaking 33% hydrochloric acid, anti-abrasion surfacing in a coke hopper, installation of a cornice and flat roof sealing, floor protection in a decreasing and scouring unit, anticorrosion treatment of a heat interchange unit top plate.
  • 2005 : With a growing demand from new customers, FINRES decides to take over the Vulga (Kraainem) and Mida (center of Brussels) shops in order to widen again, the range of products proposed.  With the acquisition of these two outlets, all products related to molding like Plaster, Silicone, Latex and others are now also available in the range.    
  • 2008 : Is a year to forget as, with the financial crisis, business dips and FINRES is obliged to sit out the storm.  The company survived the crisis although not totally unharmed and in 2013, it was obliged to close the Mida outlet in the center of Brussels.
  • 2010 : Next to the official distribution of ITW products, FINRES becomes the official RESIMAC ® representative.  RESIMAC ® products are known worldwide for their resistance to corrosion and abrasion and their high protection grade agains chemical aggression.
  • 2015 : FINRES Becomes the official Benelux distributor for  JESMONITE®.
  • 2016 : FINRES obtains the VCA certification, proving, once again, the importance we give to security, rigor and transparency related to individual security.  Obtaining this new certification shows Finres’ search to always improve it’s service in order continue to offer the best possible experience to it’s customers.
  • 2016 : FINRES becomes the official distributor for Belgium and Luxemburg for the polyester and vinyl ester products of NORD COMPOSITES®


Our team

  • Maximilien Scheppers - General Manager
  • Ofélio De Lunardo - Technico Commercial
  • Jacques Humbert – Commercial
  • Francis Dannau – Store Manager
  • Laurence Jacques – Accounting & Administrative Assistant
  • Martin Leparlier – Teamleader
  • Nicolas Chuatungungu – Workman
  • Geoffrey Bovy - Workman
  • Renaud Guidez- Workman

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