Certification VCA

Certification VCA


Dear Customer,


We are pleased to inform you that, as of the 24th of May 2016, FINRES SA obtained the VCA* Certification.

Obtaining this certification prouves the importance we give to safety and our rigour and trasparency in terms of security. It is an important step in the development of our company.

As a reminder, Finres SA is not only the exclusive distributor and official applicator of CHOCKFAST ®  epoxy grouting since 1975, but also the exclusive distributor and applicator of RESIMAC ®  resins since 2010.

CHOCKFAST ® is the epoxy grout solution for compressors, engines, gear boxes, pumps, stonecrushers,  rails and any other heavy industrial machinery submitted to vibrations.

CHOCKFAST ® has all the advantages of superior performace, including fast and easy installation, rapid poymeriasation, preserving alignment, thermal resistance, hardly any shrink with a high resistance to comperssion and a low elasticity modulus.  Al of which are durable and reliable solutions in complex installations.

The RESIMAC ® products are known for their resistance to abrasion, corrosion and chemical product attacks.  Their aray is vast and they are good for all types of surface treatment and coatings to protect steel and concrete.  With a wide range of applications like hoppers, gutters, tanks, steel and concrete constructions, pumps, sewers, piping, and many more

Obtaining this certification shows the will of Finres SA to always continue to improve and offer an always better service to its customers.

Do not hestitate to contact us whenever our knowhow and experience could come in handy.

Best Regards,


Maximilien Scheppers
Général Manager 




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