FINRES SA is specialised in advising solutions and distributions products allowing the production of composite pieces.  Our product line is applicable for professionals and nonprofessionals.

Our products are used in business sectors going from automotive, aeronautics, art, design, moulding, construction, modeling, yachting and marine, swimming pools and garden ponds, fish breeding,  sculpture, theatre and movie sets, DIY, sport, fire protection, …


Our policy is to select, from the best manufacturers, reliable, easy to use and innovative products. With 25 years of experience, our team is there to help you choose the best solution for realising your projects.

Composites 2

Whatever the piece you would like to make, repair, create or reproduce.  Whatever the constraints (weight, robustness, resistance, flexibility, hardness …), composite products have a wave of applications that is only limited to the extent of your imagination.

Your ideas, our products!


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