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Resimac 204 abrasion resistant materials can be used across a wide range of industries. The 204 series of products are ideal for protecting metallic surfaces subject to wear from heavy abrasion and impact.
Process equipment and structures that are involved in grinding, crushing, dry sliding abrasion, wet sliding abrasion, high impact environments and chemical attack can be protected from premature failure using the Resimac 204 series products.
  • Eroded dredging pumps
  • Eroded filter surfaces
  • Pipe elbows and internal pipe surfaces
  • Chutes and hoppers
  • Coal & aggregate grinders/ crushers

205,10597,14 TTC  


204 Ceramic heavy duty (kit)

Resimetal 204 Heavy Duty Ceramic Repair Paste is a two component solvent free epoxy repair compound
which contains 0.2mm – 1.5mm ceramic beads. The product is ideal for resurfacing and protecting metallic
substrates subject to medium sliding abrasion.
• Apply to abrasive blast cleaned surfaces
• High mechanical adhesion to metal substrates
• Ideal for fluids with high solids content

Surface preparation

Metallic Substrates – Abrasive blast cleaning
1. All oil and grease must be removed from the surface using an appropriate cleaner such as MEK.
2. All surfaces must be abrasive blasted to ISO 8501/4 Standard SA2.5 (SSPC SP10/ NACE 2) minimum blast
profile of 75 microns (3mil) using an angular abrasive.
3. Once blast cleaned, the surface must be degreased and cleaned using MEK or similar type material.
4. All surfaces must be coated before gingering or oxidation occurs.
PLEASE NOTE: For salt contaminated surfaces the substrate must be pressure washed with clean water and checked for
salt contamination, please refer to the surface preparation and pre-application guide for further information.


Prior to mixing please ensure the following:
1. The base component is at a temperature between 15-25°C (60-77F°).
2. The ambient & surface temperature is above 10°C (50F°).
3. The ambient & surface temperatures are not less than 3°C (6°F) above the dew point.

Once these 3 checks have been met, please proceed with mixing the product.
1. Mixing of the product can be on full units or by part-mixing.
2. If mixing the whole unit please ensure as much of the base and activator is dispensed from the plastic container
onto a clean plastic mixing surface.
3. Mix using the spatula provided until a uniform material free of any streakiness is achieved while ensuring no
unmixed material is left on the spatula or the mixing surface.
4. From the commencement of mixing the whole of the material should be used within 50 minutes at 20°C (68F°).
5. For part mixing, using a spatula place 3 equal measures from the base unit onto a clean plastic mixing surface.
Clean the spatula thoroughly and then take 1 equal measure from the Activator unit and place alongside the base measures. Mix as above.


1. Using the spatula or applicator tool, apply the material to the blast prepared surface,
2. Ensure the product is pressed into any holes, scars or cracks and profile the repair to a smooth finish.
3. Apply in a single coat at wet film thickness of 2-4mm.

Cure time

At 20°C (68F°) the applied materials should be allowed to harden for the times indicated below before being subjected to
the conditions indicated. These times will be extended at lower temperatures and reduced at higher temperatures:
Usable Life 50mins
Minimum overcoating time 4 hours
Maximum overcoating time 8 hours
Full cure 4 days


Mixed material – Mid grey or red
Base component – Mid grey or red
Activator component – dark grey

Over-coating times

Minimum – the applied material can be over-coated as soon as it is touch dry.
Maximum – the over-coating time should not exceed 8 hours at 20°C (68F°).
Where the maximum over-coating time is exceeded, the material should be allowed to harden before being abraded or flash
blasted to remove surface contamination.

Storage life

5 years if unopened and store in normal dry conditions (15-30°C/ 60-86°F)

Technical sheet

Product specification


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