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Jesmonite® AC300 is an economical alternative to the AC100 system.

It is intended for indoor use only, but can be used for short-term outdoor projects such as exhibitions and non-permanent settings.

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Jesmonite® AC300 is an economical alternative to AC100 and is designed for applications that do not require the ultimate performance of AC100. It is a two component system, a waterborne acrylic liquid and a mineral base. AC300 contains less acrylic resin than AC100 and as such is an economical alternative that does not require external durability. The system is suitable for a wide range of casting and laminating applications in moulds including decorative objects, rubber protective housings, polystyrene and foam lined rigid mouldings and many other uses in the moulding world. A range of ancillary products is also available to increase the versatility of the materials. Jesmonite AC300 is for indoor use only, but can be used for short term outdoor projects such as exhibitions and non-permanent sets. If used outdoors, it is recommended that a suitable sealant or paint system is applied to protect the surface appearance.

Packaging sizes range from 3.5kg to 35kg. A selection is available via the eshop. Contact us or visit our shop for other quantities.

How much do I need ?

For a casting mould, a mould volume of 1,000 ml will require 1,750 g of Jesmonite AC300 mix. For a laminate mould, you will need 1,750 g/mm thickness of laminate per square metre. A typical laminate will therefore need 2.5kg of gelcoat and 8.5kg of backing to achieve a 6mm glass reinforced laminate. 1 750 g Jesmonite AC300 = 1000 ml. By volume 1m² of laminate = 10 kg -12 kg Jesmonite AC300

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