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Extend the working time of your Jesmonite AC730 products with the Retarder!

7,0851,35 TTC  


Need to extend the working time of your Jesmonite materials? The setting times of all Jesmonite composite materials can be extended by adding a retarder. There is a retarder for AC100 and AC300 materials, and a separate retarder for AC730 cement-based materials. Please note that the end user should test in the workshop environment, as extreme temperatures and humidity can affect set times. Addition rates can be found in the user guides for the various composites.

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Orders placed before 3pm will be processed and dispatched no later than the next working day (valid for products available to Belgium, France, the Netherlands, Germany and Luxembourg). Shipping costs for quantities of + 40kg outside Belgium must be calculated on a custom basis and will not be included in your order. You live in another country or you want to order more than 40kg to France, the Netherlands, Germany or Luxembourg? Contact us for a personal quote!


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