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Taffeta glass fabrics (or canvases) are woven 0°/ 90°.

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13,55220,22 TTC  



Taffeta glass fabrics (or canvases) are woven 0°/ 90°.

They have good dimensional stability. The light weights (less than 50gr/m²) are used as a surface veil in the first layer either directly on the part or behind a Gel-Coat.

They are generally more difficult to drape than a twill fabric and are therefore mainly intended for flat or less complex surfaces. These fabrics are used for hand lay-up, infusion and RTM applications.

The 25 and 48 gr/m² fabrics are regularly used in model making.

Example of application

Nautical construction
Aeronautical construction
The production of boards, surfboards, kites, etc.
Model making
Production of composite parts, moulds

Theoretical consumption :

1.5 x weight/sqm (example: 1 m² fabric 162 gr/sqm = 243 gr/sqm of resin per layer)


Your orders are processed and shipped within 2 to 3 working days (valid for products available to Belgium, France, the Netherlands, Germany and Luxembourg). Shipping costs for quantities of + 40kg outside Belgium must be calculated on a custom basis and will not be included in your order. You live in another country or you want to order more than 40kg to France, the Netherlands, Germany or Luxembourg? Contact us for a personal quote!


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