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Repair and protect

Finres SA, specialists in repair and protection against chemical attack, erosion, corrosion, wear, abrasion, UV degradation, weathering, heat loss and impact.

Finres SA has chosen to work with the Resimac brand in order to provide you with quality products, whether for your own use or on your own construction sites.

From their headquarters in the heart of rural North Yorkshire, England, Resimac produces a range of epoxy, polyurethane and silicone coatings and products for the gas, petrochemical, marine, paper, water, power generation and chemical industries.

They have a team of product development scientists with unrivalled industry knowledge and experience, enabling the company to develop innovative and unique materials for some of the most demanding industrial operating environments.

Metal repair range

A wide range of products capable of repairing damaged or worn metal surfaces and giving them a new lease of life.

  • Repair damaged keyways
  • Repair of bearing housings
  • Sealing leaking tank seals
  • Grooved hydraulic cylinders
  • Rebuilding worn driveshafts
  • Cracked engine blocks
  • Rebuild valve and pump bodies
  • Binding metal to metal
  • Reforming flange faces

Abrasion- and wear-resistant product

A range of abrasion- and wear-resistant materials for repairing equipment subject to erosion and fluid corrosion.
These products rebuild damaged surfaces and protect the repaired surface from further wear and abrasion.

Extreme wear and impact

Resimac manufactures a range of solvent-free epoxy repair products based on cured ceramic beads.
These materials have been specially developed to rebuild and protect metal surfaces subjected to extreme wear and abrasion.

  • Falls
  • Hoppers
  • Conveyor guards
  • Dredging pumps
  • Valves
  • Internal pipe surfaces
  • Crushers and mills
  • Internal reservoir bases

Pipe repair and wrapping

We work with 2 solutions for pipe wrapping and repair systems. One uses water-activated urethane technology, the other a silicone-rubber tape. These solutions can be used for a wide range of repairs such as pipe encapsulation, leaking tank joints and pipe flanges. The products can be applied to steel, concrete, GRP or plastic surfaces. On the other hand, the solutions can be used for emergency repairs on leaking pipes or as part of planned maintenance regimes to protect the tool in the long term.