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Pigments and additives

Jesmonite pigments

Jesmonite pigments are water-based dispersions
compatible with Jesmonite composites. When dispersed in Jesmonite-based materials, they offer excellent chemical and thermal stability. Call us for more details. Pigments are available in 50g, 200g and 1000g bottles.
Jesmonite Pigments have a shelf life of 24 months from the date indicated on the packaging.

Jesmonite retarder

The setting times of all Jesmonite composite materials can be extended by adding a retarder to increase working time. He
There is a retarder for AC100, AC200 and AC300 materials, and a separate retarder for AC730, AC830 and AC930 cement-based materials.
Please note that the end-user must carry out tests in the workshop environment, as extreme temperatures and humidity can affect set-up times. Addition rates can be found in the user guides for the various composites.

Quadriaxial fiberglass

This type of reinforcement is tailor-made for use with Jesmonite. It is based on the latest multi-axial glass reinforcement technology, which makes Jesmonite fiberglass laminates light, strong and fire-resistant. It is constructed like a lace, with continuous glass strands in four axes (multiaxial) sewn together using Nomex® fireproof material.
There are very few loose filaments, making the glass safe and comfortable to use. He
can be precisely cut using scissors or roller cutters, and
adapts to the most complex shapes.
This makes it particularly suitable for mold making and panel construction. Please note that fiberglass mats (CSM) intended for use with solvent-based resins such as polyester are not suitable for Jesmonite materials.

Chopped fiberglass

Strands of Jesmonite chopped glass can be added to all Jesmonite composites to
to give increased strength to thin-section castings, and also to act as a material
to aid stratification. Jesmonite Chopped Glass Strands are available in the following versions
in three types: 6mm and 12mm standard glass, and 13mm alkali-resistant glass, which are
designed specifically for use with Jesmonite AC630 to create a premix. Visit
chopped strands can also be used to add impact resistance when
the application of thin sections of Jesmonite to sculpted polystyrene objects.

Fiberglass PVA

PVA fibers are the new alternative to glass reinforcements for
cement systems. This is a synthetic polyvinyl alcohol fiber.
whose chemical and physical characteristics make them
particularly well-suited to the Jesmonite family, which uses
polymer-modified cement materials. They have a great
strength combined with low elongation and high modulus. They
offer advanced adhesion to the polymer cement matrix and
an inherent resistance to the degrading effects of alkalinity from a
such a matrix. We strongly recommend adding them to
Jesmonite to resist frost damage in the
the toughest outdoor environments.

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