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Be sure to use an accurate balance and a Jesmonite high-shear mixing blade to ensure that the compound meets its specifications.
The workshop should be warm, dry and out of direct sunlight. Environments where solvent-based compounds are regularly used should be avoided. Mixing containers must be clean, dry and of an appropriate size.

Mixing ratio

1 : 2.5
100g of liquid for 250g of powder

Mixing & adding pigment

For a smooth finish, stir the pigment into the pre-weighed AC100 liquid, mix thoroughly and then slowly add the Jesmonite base to the liquid while stirring until the mixture is smooth, fluid and lump-free.
For a marbled/irregular effect, add pigment to the mixture (powder+liquid), swirling to create different effects.
The standard addition rate is 2% of the total weight of the Jesmonite mixture. (Too much pigment will prevent the Jesmonite from setting or make the molded object weak and brittle).


For simple molding, pour a small amount of the mixture into the mold and coat the surface evenly.
To avoid air bubbles on the surface, use a small, clean, dry brush to evenly coat the surface and penetrate the edges of the mold.
You can also tap the mold to remove any air bubbles on the surface. Fill the mould with the remaining Jesmonite mixture.
Gently tap the mold to bring air bubbles to the surface. Then leave your mold to harden for 30 to 40 minutes.
Once unmolded, your piece will take on its full strength after 24 hours. Jesmonite needs all its moisture to evaporate. If you leave your piece in the mold, it will sweat, may mark and may not dry completely.


Jesmonite AC100 contains a high-quality pure acrylic resin that can be polished with a clean cotton cloth. Excellent results can be achieved with a wide range of waxes and polishing machines, and Jesmonite AC100 is also compatible with a wide range of water-based sealers and varnishes.


As a general rule, liquid containers should be tightly closed to prevent water evaporation and skin formation.
They must be stored at a constant temperature of between 5 and 25°C and used within twelve months of the date of manufacture.
The base should be kept dry and stored at between 5 and 25°C. It must be used within 12 months of the date of manufacture.


As Jesmonite is water-based, it’s easy to clean when you’re done. Scrape any excess Jesmonite into the garbage can, then wash your hands, mixing pots, brushes and mold in hot, soapy water. It’s that easy! You can use White Spirit to remove any pigment residue from your mold if necessary.