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Swimming pool and pond

A range of quality materials for a variety of needs and finishes

Are you a pool builder, landscaper, gardener or planning to build a pond or swimming pool?
Finres is your partner for resin, polyester, epoxy and polyurethane sealants.

Brush, roller or spray application, fiberglass-reinforced polyester or Epoxy Poolcoat Decoflakes finish, let’s discuss your project together.


POOLCOAT DECOFLAKES is a specific 100% solvent-free epoxy system.

Thanks to its unique formula, it enables you to create pool or pond linings with a homogeneous decorative effect that can reproduce a stone or granite appearance, whatever the type of support, which is completely masked.

This product is supplied in a 3-component kit:

  • A water-based primer for sealing porous substrates (concrete, cement, etc.).
  • A perfectly transparent epoxy system (resin and hardener).
  • Sequins come in a multitude of sizes and solid or mixed colors, including gold, silver, fluorescent… They’ll allow you to create a personalized and unique covering!

The final coating is waterproof and inert, making it ideal for swimming pools, fish ponds and aquatic plants. Stable, it does not fade or flour over time.

Technical specifications :

Artificial beach

Discover also the epoxy system for artificial beaches. (For application on terraces and beaches, good UV stability and stable under water, 100% transparent (guarantees the color of the sand or stone used).