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Available 24 hours a day through our e-shop or in-store
for personalized advice and guidance!

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The perfect resin for every project, just a click away.

Available 24 hours a day through our e-shop or in-store
for personalized advice and guidance!

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Finres SA

Sales and advice to help you realize your projects.

Finres is your specialist for synthetic resins (epoxy, polyester, polyurethane, silicone) and other composite products.

Available 24/7 via our eshop, or in-store for personalized advice and guidance.

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Finres SA

Finres is also a partner to the world of industry.

As an official CHOCKFAST® distributor since 1976, we are the undisputed leaders in shimming and sealing with CHOCKFAST® epoxy resins.

Rotating machinery, rail and gantry crane shimming, floor and solid surface levelling, enclosure and acid-proofing, floor coating, anti-corrosion treatment. We’re here to advise you.

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The only limit?
Your imagination

Whatever the part you want to make, repair, create or reproduce, and whatever the constraints (weight, strength, resistance, flexibility, hardness…), composite is a magnificent material with infinite fields of application.

Contact us to benefit from our support in the realization of your project.

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Jesmonite, an ecological and safe alternative to resin, plaster and concrete

Art & molding

We focus on your imagination
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Materials with infinite possibilities for the design of your space.

Swimming pool & pond

A range of quality materials for a variety of needs and finishes.
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FINRES SA, the expert in wedging and sealing for industry.

Surface treatment

Take care of your equipment to extend its service life


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in choosing the best solution for your projects, thanks to our 25+ years of expertise.


Opt for an exclusive selection of the best manufacturers for their quality, innovative and easy-to-use products.

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Service & customization

JESMONITE®, an ecological alternative with an exceptional finish.

Jesmonite is fun, easy to use and can be cast and worked in many ways to achieve stunning results in a multitude of projects. It can be mixed with other materials such as pigments, inks, metallic fillers and even coffee to create unique finishes. The possibilities are endless!

Frequently asked questions

Can't find the answer to your question? We'll be happy to help you by e-mail or telephone.

By mixing, air is included in the material.
The more viscous the mixture, the greater the chance of including bubbles.

In certain cases (silicone, for example), we recommend degassing the mixture using a vacuum pump (consult us).

In most cases, the mixture will be sufficiently liquid to evacuate bubbles before polymerization.
To reduce the inclusion of air bubbles, take care not to remove the mixer from your products too regularly, to limit the inclusion of air in the mixture. Would you like comprehensive information and a personalized response to help you be unstoppable in your practice?

Contact us by phone, e-mail or visit us in store. We also offer you the use of our workshop free of charge, so that you can benefit from our personalized guidance at every stage of your project!

Ratios depend on the type of product you will be working with. This information can be found on the packaging as well as on the technical data sheets available on our website or on request. Don’t hesitate to contact us by e-mail or telephone if you have any doubts. We’ll be happy to help!

Each product will have its own working time. This information can be found on the eshop by going to the relevant product page. They also appear on all our product labels. On the other hand, certain factors will significantly or considerably influence the times communicated: ambient temperature, mixed volume, etc. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any specific questions you may have.

Normally, our resins can be pigmented.
Please consult us so that we can advise you on the best pigment for your project and system.

Need personalized advice and/or specific products not available on our eshop?
We have a very wide range in store. We look forward to welcoming you!
You are a professional and would like to call on our on-site advice for the shimming of your machines, the protection and/or repair of your surfaces? We’re here to help!

We are open Monday to Friday, 8:30am to 12pm and 1pm to 5pm.

The standard shipping destinations listed on our eshop are Belgium, France, the Netherlands, Germany and Luxembourg. This is also possible in other countries, with delivery charges tailored to the country of destination. Don’t hesitate to contact us by e-mail or telephone for a personalized quote!

We scrupulously respect safety standards when transporting our products. As some of them fall into specific categories, we are obliged to call on specialized transport companies.

Contact us by e-mail or telephone, or even better, come and see us in store!

Our eshop features a selection of our range in terms of both products and quantities. Can’t find a product or packaging on our eshop? We’re sure to have it in store! Don’t hesitate to ask us a question by e-mail, phone or in person.

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