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OTTO products for industry and consumers

OTTO distinguishes itself in industry, trade and craft by offering high-quality products. Whether for sealing, bonding, casting or coating, OTTO meets the specific challenges of these sectors. It’s the confidence we have in their effectiveness that leads us to recommend their products without hesitation.

As resellers of this brand, we are at your disposal to supply you with the high-quality products it offers. Take advantage of our dedicated service and expert advice.


With OTTOCOLL® adhesives, you can successfully carry out any type of bonding on site, whether in the industrial sector or for individual projects! Today, adhesives play a variety of roles in assembled structures. Unlike well-known all-purpose adhesives, those used in a professional context have to meet specific requirements to accomplish their mission. This diversity is clearly reflected in their extensive range of professional adhesive products, which are just as effective for home use.


Although discreet, sealants play an essential role in everyday life. Nowadays, they have become indispensable for making joints and sealing cracks and holes, applying to a multitude of fields. The OTTOSEAL® range of sealants offers quality products, made in Germany, specially designed to meet your needs.

PU foams

With OTTOPUR PU foams, you can now benefit from perfect insulation, sealing and installation. Thanks to their specific characteristics, PU foams offer versatility of application. Whether you’re looking for excellent soundproofing, increased efficiency, rapid curing or special fire-retardant properties, the range is sure to have the right PU foam for your specific needs.