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Protective coatings gelcoat metal elastic

Protective coatings gelcoat metal elastic

Jesmonite’s Gelcoat elastic metal protection coatings are the latest development in Jesmonite’s product range. They are developed using real metal powder to perfectly reproduce the metal in cast materials. They are available in four finishes and are perfectly compatible with AC730 and AC830 as a laminate or molding base.


Metals can be mixed endlessly and pigments added to further enrich the palette of finishes.

Metal surfaces can be waxed, sealed or given a patina coating, just like real metal.

Uses exclusive elastic resin technology to create the first and only waterborne protective metallic coating system.

The outer surfaces of the molds can be polished by hand with fine steel wool to reveal the metal powders, or using a polishing machine equipped with our metal polishing heads.

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