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Solutions for the stage

Euroquimica operates in the special coatings and paints sector to cover the various needs of the industrial sector, always researching and producing a wide range of products under its own formulas and developments. Euroquimica has been a pioneer in Spain in the development of top-of-the-range paints and novelties, in two main areas of interest.

Finres SA distributes the Euroquimica brand, including the famous Slastic, a highly elasticizing paste plaster with the great advantage of being fireproof! It’s ideal for protecting scenery in the stage, theater, show, opera and TV studio sectors, as well as for making fragile materials more flexible.
It can also be used as an adhesive to repair broken materials, reinforcing joints with fiberglass or cotton.

Finres SA
also markets hydroprimer, an advanced-technology, one-component, air-drying, water-soluble anticorrosion primer.