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Jesmonite AC730

Jesmonite AC730 is a fast-setting, acrylic polymer-modified cement-based composite. The system is designed primarily for hand-laminated, lightweight, fiberglass-reinforced decorative applications, but can also be used for small decorative moldings.


Low-permeability material with shrinkage compensation.

Durable under all external weathering conditions, including wet rooms.

Reduced free lime content and low alkalinity, resulting in significant reductions in efflorescence compared with ordinary Portland cement-based systems.

Contains fine decorative aggregate and powdered pigments, carefully controlled to give a homogeneous, decorative surface finish after treatment with a proprietary stripper or brick cleaner.

In addition to the eight standard stone finishes (natural, Bath stone, yellow sandstone), a personalized color-matching service is also available, white marble, Portland marble, silver-grey granite, antique terracotta and coal black)...

Packaging sizes from 6kg to 1200kg.

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