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Specialising in the distribution and application of composite products for the industrial sector,
we are also an official distributor and installer of CHOCKFAST ® since 1976
(an ITW Philadelphia Resins product).

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Thanks to our solid experience and an outstanding team, we anticipate your needs and those of your site. Together, we work on your project in a personalised manner to find the ideal approach that will meet your requirements and technical constraints.

CHOCKFAST ® is recognised by international certification bodies such as Lloyds or Veritas.
Some references: Arcelor Mittal, Total, Jan de Nul, Sidmar, Apéram, Electrabel, Lhoïst, Holcim

They trust us

“In order to fill a 10 m² area between our mechanical parts and a 2000 tonne steel structure, we were looking for a flexible partner who was willing to take on this challenge. The area to be covered had an irregular shape and a variable height. Finres managed to come up with an out-of-the-box solution that was also executed very quickly & smoothly. Because a lot of attention was paid to determining the correct approach and the work preparation, we are extremely satisfied with the cooperation for this complex assignment.”

Jan Tiré - Project Leader, Demako

“In order to fill 3 compressor skids, with approximately 34.000 Kg each, with epoxy grout and also the frame with cement grout, we were looking for a flexible Partner who was willing to take on this challenge that included lifting the 3 compressors to allow concrete surface preparation.The area to be covered had an irregular shape and a variable height. Finres managed to execute the work on time quickly & smoothly. Because a lot of attention was paid to determining the correct approach and the work preparation, we are extremely satisfied with the cooperation with Finres and with the end result for this complex assignment.”

Luis Pereira - Site QA/QC Engineer, Demako

“Following a request from SEGAL for the repair of the seat of a rail’s coil lift truck (capacity 30 tons), we agreed with Mr Scheppers on an action plan to meet the requirements of the specifications. After the SEGAL purchase process, FINRES was ready to start the necessary actions according to the production schedule. On the day, the FINRES and SEGAL teams worked together to meet the deadlines set by SEGAL. Following this joint intervention, we were able to test the operation of the said loading trolley and conclude that the work carried out was a good job. If in the future I am consulted for a similar type of work, it is with pleasure that I will recommend the company FINRES for its competence, professionalism and availability.”

Georges Philippet - Mechanical maintenance Manager , Segal

“We have had a great experience working with Finres on a railway bridge refurbishment project. The preparation of the works was done on-time and with a good dose of common sense and practical knowledge. Experience of working with these specialized grouting products was evident and proved essential for the success of the project. The flexibility in planning on site and the safe working practices was greatly appreciated and lead to a productive cooperation on site.”

Bas Pennewaert - Senior Project Manager, Victor Buyck

CHOCKFAST, a sealing resin composed of an epoxy system and pre-dosed aggregates

  • 100% contact between surfaces thanks to non-shrinking polymerisation

  • Compressive strength of 850 to 1300 N/mm² (kg/cm²), higher than conventional sealing systems (5x higher than concrete)

  • A very high capacity to resist vibrations, thus avoiding premature mechanical fatigue of the tool’s components

  • The possibility of resuming work less than 48 hours after the application, thus reducing the downtime of the production tool

  • Very low modulus of elasticity

  • Fast curing allowing a short stop (18 to 36h)

  • Corrosion resistant

  • Perfectly compatible with steel and concrete

  • Casting thicknesses from 10 to 500mm are possible

  • Ensures alignment

Whether it’s pumps, turbines, compressors, gearboxes, guide rails, wear plates, gantry crane rails, roller frames, crushers or any other tool with high acting forces that push conventional products, such as concrete, beyond their limits. The use of CHOCKFAST ® is a fast, proven, durable and economical solution.

Push the limits

CHOCKFAST ® can be used for thicknesses ranging from 10 mm to 500 mm, between steel and steel or concrete and steel, withstanding direct temperatures up to 60°C, and even under water. And thanks to specific engineering, FINRES SA can extend this already wide range of applications even further.


  • Compressive Strength 105.5 MPa – 131 MPa

  • Tensile Strength 13 MPa – 32.3 MPa.

  • Will not shrink in liquid or solid state.
  • Impervious to most liquids, chemicals, lubricants and
    freeze / thaw cycles

  • Rapid cure 24 – 36 hrs. at 21 degrees C.

  • Extremely high bond strength to steel and concrete.

  • No components to measure.

  • Epoxies can be poured from 0.6 cm – 45.7 cm thick in one layer.


  • 20,7 MPa – 41,4 MPa.

  • 2,8 MPa – 4,1 MPa.

  • Can shrink in liquid and / or solid state.

  • Can be affected by all.

  • Slow curing, 7-21 days.

  • Low bond strength.

  • Must adjust water for
    flowability & strength.

  • Must be pumped in tight clearances.

Choose the right product

Chockfast Orange

Conveniently pourable, two-component, structural epoxy “chock” that replaces tediously fitted steel shims (or steel chocks) assuring intimate contact with machined or un-machined equipment bedplates. Virtually 100% effective bearing underneath supported equipment. 0.12 cm to 10 cm.

Chockfast Red

Multi-purpose, high strength, deep-pour epoxy grout for fast, permanent alignment of reciprocating and rotating equipment; also used as a polymer concrete for fast reconstruction of worn or damaged foundations. Chockfast® Red provides excellent vibration damping for static and dynamic loads, while its gentle exothermic cure allows for single pours from 5 cm to 45.7 cm.

Chockfast Red SG

Chockfast Red SG is a three component, high strength, 100% solids epoxy grouting compound which is used to grout large machinery and to support soleplates in all types of foundation designs with clearances as little as 25mm (1″). Chockfast Red SG has extremely high physical properties and negligible shrinkage, making it ideal for final positioning of critically aligned equipment within close tolerances.

Chockfast Gray

Highly flowable, two-component, thin pour “chock” designed to maintain proper alignment and support of machinery and equipment; able to withstand severe industrial environments with a high degree of both physical and thermal shock resistance. 0.12 cm to 5 cm.

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