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Jesmonite AC100 is a water-based composite material used to make decorative molded objects. It is solvent-free, VOC-free and safe to handle. It can be molded or laminated with Jesmonite’s exclusive quadriaxial fiberglass reinforcement.

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Jesmonite® AC100 is a two-component system consisting of a waterborne acrylic liquid and a mineral base. The system is suitable for a wide range of casting and laminating applications in molds, including decorative objects, protective rubber housings, polystyrene- and foam-coated rigid moldings and many other uses in the molding world. A range of auxiliary products is also available to enhance the versatility of the materials. Jesmonite AC100 is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. However, if used outdoors, it is advisable to apply an insulating layer or a suitable paint system to protect the surface appearance. Packaging sizes from 3.5kg to 35kg. A selection is available here via the eshop. Contact us or visit our store for other quantities! How much do I need? For a casting mold, a mold volume of 1,000 ml will require 1,750 g of Jesmonite AC100 mixture. For laminate molding, you’ll need 1,750 g/mm thickness of laminate per square meter. A typical laminate will therefore need 2.5 kg of protective gelcoat and 8.5 kg of backing to obtain a 6 mm glass-reinforced panel. 1 750 g Jesmonite AC100 = 1000 ml. Per volume 1m² laminate = 10 kg -12 kg Jesmonite AC100 Need more information? Visit the Jesmonite product page Video