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Jesmonite AC100 is a water-based composite material used to make decorative molded objects. It is solvent-free, VOC-free and safe to handle. It can be molded or laminated with Jesmonite’s exclusive quadriaxial fiberglass reinforcement.

 32,98 322,53 HTVA


Jesmonite® is a water-based synthetic resin composed of acrylic polymers and minerals.

This system is suitable for a wide range of cast and laminate applications, and the different ranges allow you to achieve stunning results with a multitude of finishes, from a metallic or granular stone effect to marble and terrazzo in an unlimited number of colours.

A range of ancillary products is also available to increase the versatility of the materials.

Jesmonite AC100 is suitable for both internal and external use, however, if used externally, a suitable paint, varnish or sealer system is recommended to protect the surface appearance.

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Mixing ratio by weight: 100 g liquid to 250 g powder

Setting time at 18°C: 15 to 20 minutes

Colour: cream

Dry density: 1745 kg/m³.

Dilatation on intake 0.15

Young’s modulus: 5 – 6 Mpa

Fire resistance – Class ‘O

Storage: the base should be kept dry at between 5 and 25°C; containers for liquids should be kept tightly closed to prevent water evaporation and the formation of a skin.

Shelf life: six months from the date shown on the pack.

Easy to use

Solvent-free – no VOCs



Fire resistance – Class ‘O

Good abrasion and impact resistance

High compressive and tensile strength

Can be cleaned with water


  • How to pour my jesmonite to avoid air bubbles

Pour a small amount of the mixture into the mould and brush all accessible surfaces with jesmonite. If access is difficult, rotate the mould so that the mixture spreads over the entire surface.

Then fill the rest of the mould.

Make sure you pour the mixture in a thin vein.

Lightly tapping the mould can also help the air to escape.

  • How to protect my jesmonite

Use a matt sealer to waterproof your creations

Use a gloss varnish to seal your creations

Use a matt varnish to waterproof your creations

  • How to colour my jesmonite AC100/300

Add acrylic pigment

Add a neon pigment

Add metallic powder

  • How to strengthen my jesmonite

To make ultra-resistant panels

To make thick, ultra-resistant castings

  • What additives are available for jesmonite?

To have more working time

To thicken my jesmonite

  • How to calculate my AC 100 jesmonite

If I pour my jesmonite, I need 1750 g of jesmonite (A+B) to fill 1 volume of 1000 ml.

If I laminate my jesmonite, I need 1750g of jesmonite (A+B) per millimetre of thickness and per square metre.

I prefer to use a jesmonite calculator

Calculateur Jesmonite

To calculate the quantities and proportions of Jesmonite you will need, first select the relevant range. Then specify whether you’re calculating on the basis of a mold or a casting. If you’re calculating on the basis of a mold, place it on a scale, fill it with water and enter the quantity into the calculator. If you’re calculating according to a cast part, weigh the part and enter the information into the calculator. This will give you the quantity of liquid and powder needed to make your part.

Enter a value to start calculation.