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Glassroxx are glass beads made entirely from recycled glass, whose many colors come from sustainable, water-based organic pigments. The addition of glass beads to resin creates a beautiful, unique finish for a variety of creative projects, such as jewelry, artwork and other decorative objects.

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Glassroxx are glass beads made entirely from recycled glass. These aggregates are tinted with sustainable, water-based organic pigments, adding a captivating dimension to even the most creative projects.

This product features a completely circular life cycle, offering a great alternative to less environmentally-friendly glitter.

Whether used in jewelry making, interior decoration, sculpture or resin art, glass beads offer infinite possibilities for experimentation and personalization. The transparency and refraction of light create a dynamic interplay of reflections, adding depth and brilliance to the final work.

Not just beautiful! In addition to their aesthetic appeal, resin-infused glass beads contribute to the structural integrity of the finished product. This will make your creations stronger and more durable.



10 colors

Circular product

Harmless to health


Compatible with Jesmonite, acrylic and synthetic resins

Choose the resin best suited to your project and follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for the mixing ratio with its hardener.

Add the glassroxxes to the resin and stir gently to limit the formation of air bubbles.

Pour the mixture into your mould or onto the work surface.

Allow to dry and harden for the recommended time.

Turn out or finish your creation as you wish:

When used with Jesmonite, the surface should be sanded to reveal the presence of the glassroxx, and the use of a glossy protection will enhance the intensity of its colors.

Cleaning: Pre-wash your accessories in a separate bucket to avoid clogging your drains.