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‘- Thickens material to desired viscosity – Creates a gel-coat consistency – Reduces sagging on molds

 11,30 100,83 HTVA


A thixotropic agent is added to fine-tune the viscosity of the Jesmonite product to suit application preferences. This is particularly useful when applying a protective Gelcoat layer in a mold. By adding a thixotropic agent, it is possible to apply a precise layer of material from 1 to 3mm thick without the risk of casting on the mold surface. This also makes fiberglass reinforcements invisible on the surface of laminated objects. The thixotropic agent can also be used to impart a pasty consistency to the material, which can thus be used as a putty and jointing compound to bond two laminates.

Add 2g to 6g of Thixotrope per kg.

Information :

– Protect from the cold

– Keep jar closed when not in use

– Store between 5°c and 25°c

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