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The sealer is designed to provide transparent surface protection for all Jesmonite composite materials. This coating is an effective repellent for any fleeting encounter with a damp body.

 20,40 37,09 HT


A sealer is a colorless treatment designed to reduce water penetration in liquid form.

This solution provides transparent protection and guarantees the matt surface appearance of Jesmonite.

Its oil and stain repellent properties block the penetration of grease stains and air pollution, and prevent the penetration of ink and paint pigments.

The sealer’s remarkable versatility makes it effective on Jesmonite as well as a variety of other materials, such as terracotta, concrete, limestone, floor tiles and stone coverings.

The use of a sealer offers greater durability to exterior surfaces, while retaining the flexibility that characterizes the thermal regulation and natural hydration of Jesmonite products.

Particularly suitable for AC100, AC200 and AC300 composites

Not suitable for candle containers, please use colortec matte or colorfresh gloss varnish.


Colorless, does not change color

Let it breathe


Compatible with Jesmonite, terracotta, concrete and natural stone

Theoretical consumption: 7m²/lt

Storage: Store in a dry place at a temperature between 5C° and 30C°.

Shelf-life: 24 months from date of manufacture in original, unopened packaging.


Make sure the surface to be treated is clean, dry and free from dust or any other traces of air pollution.

Shake the sealer bottle before use and pour the required amount into a separate container.

Apply an even coat of sealer, working in small sections and following the contours of the Jesmonite surface.

Avoid over-application and dripping, as excess sealer can affect the final appearance.

Apply a coat or 2. If a second coat is needed, apply it within 15 minutes of the first, before it dries and takes effect.

Avoid direct sunlight during application, and keep treated surfaces protected from rain and frost while drying.

When applying to vertical surfaces, we recommend zigzagging the coating from bottom to top.

Do not dilute or mix with other products.

Regularly maintain the treated surface.

Do not pour the remaining sealer from the container back into the original jar.


The usual precautions must be observed. For example: no eating, drinking or smoking in the workplace.