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Epoxy earth

Terre époxy is a light, fast-curing epoxy paste.

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Terre époxy is a two-component paste system that can be kneaded to produce a mixture that hardens naturally.

Its great strengths are its lightness and ease of use.

After mixing component A with component B, simply shape the dough as you wish.

You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to install.

Whether you’re a student, an artist, a restaurateur, a do-it-yourselfer or simply an enthusiast, this system is the ideal companion for all your projects.

Epoxy paste adheres to a wide range of substrates, making it ideal for both model-making and small-scale repairs.

Mixing is done with blenders, spatulas or any other tool inherent to sculpture.

The surface can be smoothed with water for a better final result.



Mixing ratio: 100 A : 100 B (by weight or volume).

Pot life at 25°C: 65′.

Relative density at 25°C: < 0.55.

Shore hardness D1: 60.

Color: brown.

Maximum recommended thickness: 40 mm.

Substrate: Good adhesion on various substrates (itself, wood, PU foam & boards).

Curing time before machining: 12 – 18 h.

Fully cured at 23°C: 2 days.
Shelf life: 12 months in closed packaging between 18 and 25°C.

Art, design and crafts

Model making


Construction on reinforcing mesh

Repair and restoration


Sculpture and creation of small models

Application up to 40 mm on approximate shapes for large dimensions

Large models for industry

Positioning supports, machining and lightweight inspection tools


Mix the resin and hardener in equal parts by hand (or with a mixer: <500gr).

Wearing protective nitrile gloves is strongly recommended.

The mixing ratio is by weight or volume, 100 A : 100 B.

Mix the two parts until smooth.

When the color turns light brown, you can use the mixture.

The temperature of the resin, models and tooling should be 18 ─ 25 °C.

Apply the mixture to a maximum thickness of 40 mm.

On smooth surfaces, apply a thin layer of paste with a spatula.

(bond coat) before applying the final thickness.

The dough is easy to work with for 65′, after which the hardening process begins, making it less tender to work with.

After 12-18h, the part can be machined. Wear goggles and dust mask when sanding or grinding hardened paste.

Curing will be complete after 2 days.

Tools can be cleaned with water before the resin hardens.

Make sure you don’t leave any residue of the mixture on your work surface, otherwise it will stick to the surface and you won’t be able to remove it.


Wear gloves.

Eye contact: rinse eyes thoroughly with running water. Consult a doctor if irritation persists.

Skin contact: Wash thoroughly with soap and water. Remove and wash contaminated clothing. Consult a doctor if you develop a rash.

Ingestion: do not induce vomiting unless told to do so by a doctor. Seek medical advice.

Wear goggles and dust mask when sanding or grinding hardened paste