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CLAY 225

Very soft, easy-to-work modelling clay.

10kg loaf.


 6,76 HTVA

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This clay is accessible to all. The fineness of its grog makes it supple and easy to work with.

Clay is a non-toxic material that can be shaped, sculpted or turned.

You can either bake it at 1150°C, or let it dry naturally in contact with air.


Firing temperature: 1000-1150°C

Chamotte 0-0.5mm: 25% of the total

Color: light gray

Cooking color: white

Modulus of rupture (N/mm²): 3.9

Water requirement (%): 22.0

Dry shrinkage (%): 5.7

Baking shrinkage (%): 0.0 (1000°C), 2.2 (1100°C)

Total shrinkage (%): 5.7 (1000°C), 7.8 (1100°C)

Water absorption (%): 13.2 (1000°C), 9.8 (1100°C)

Storage: Protect from light.