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Plaster strips are used to make moulds, counter-moulds and reinforcements. They can be applied directly to the skin, and easily adapt to the most complex shapes.

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Plaster strip is a versatile material, widely used for a variety of applications.

Made from a strip of gauze or fabric impregnated with plaster of Paris, this material becomes rigid and durable when exposed to humidity.

In arts and crafts, artists and hobbyists use them for sculpting and molding, taking advantage of the bandage’s malleability when wet and its ability to take on solid form when dry. This makes plaster bandages an ideal choice for creating detailed, intricate three-dimensional shapes for artistic activities.

For medical uses, plaster bands are commonly used to create casts to support and immobilize fractured or injured limbs, providing essential stability during the healing process.

Once dry, they can be painted and varnished.



Dimensions: 10 cm x 2 metres

Working time: 2-8′.

Setting time: 10-15′.

Theoretical consumption: +/- 3 strips for one face

Storage: store in an airtight container away from moisture.

Can be applied to the skin

Adapts to all shapes

Cost-effective solution

Good reproduction of detail

Ease of use

Generous plaster strip


If you’re applying to the skin to capture the imprint, coat the model’s face and any other relevant surfaces with Vaseline. Be more generous on eyelashes and eyebrows or when hair growth is increased.

Don’t forget to protect your eyes, mouth and hair. Take extra care around the nostrils, which cannot be covered under any circumstances.

Immerse the cut plaster strips in lukewarm water for 2 to 3 seconds, remove excess water by smoothing with your fingers, and apply the wet strip to the model. Massage gently to disperse the plaster and capture the detail.

Repeat the operation until a suitable thickness is achieved.

When the mold is complete, you can release the model from the mask and continue to reinforce it at your leisure on the side.


Not harmful to skin or health.

Wash hands thoroughly with clean water after use.