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EPOXY KIT 1050-1053S/1056S/1059S

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Structural epoxy lamination system

RESOLTECH 1050 / 105xS is a fluid epoxy lamination system without B-stage, allowing the production of both small parts and large composite structures with all existing reinforcements.

Build up your kit according to the packaging and hardener of your choice! (1053S, 1056S or 1059S)

53,71253,10 TTC  


Structural epoxy lamination system

RESOLTECH 1050 / 105xS is a B-stage free flowing epoxy lamination system, allowing the production of both small parts and large composite structures with all existing reinforcements.
RESOLTECH 1050 / 105xS is a non-crystallising formulation, it does not contain any CMR components and meets the new requirements of the European REACH regulation.

Thanks to its adapted viscosity and its wide range of reactivities, the 1050 / 105xS system allows traditional wet process, vacuum and filament winding applications. A thixotropic 1050T version is available for certain applications, such as vertical laminates.
All 105xS hardeners in this system are dosed at 35 parts per 100 parts of 1050 resin by weight. They are compatible with each other and can be mixed to achieve the right reactivity for the application.
After curing at room temperature the 1050 / 105xS system can be demoulded without post curing. In order to accelerate the demoulding after curing of the product a post cure at 40°C is recommended. To obtain optimum thermomechanical properties, post-curing at 60°C is necessary.
The greatest quality of the RESOLTECH 1050 / 105XS system is its exceptional wettability, which allows it to impregnate fibres such as carbon and aramid. Thanks to its excellent cohesion with the fibre, the 1050 / 105xS system is ideal for parts subject to fatigue.
Its formulation allows the user to produce structural parts without post-curing.

Product advantages
– Adjustable working time from 10min to 14hrs
– Excellent wettability with all types of reinforcements
– Wide range of reactivity with 6 hardeners
– Production from small parts to large composite structures
– No B-stage after curing at room temperature

TG (°C) 75
Mixing density 1.1
Mixing viscosity (mPa.s) 251 – 637
Potlife at 23°C : 1053S (14h) – 1056S (37min.) – 1059S (10min.)

Technical data sheet


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