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New generation polycondensation moulding silicone

White in colour, this silicone is highly resistant to abrasion and tearing and is ideal for making small moulds and casting small series.

42,73195,81 TTC  


Polycondensation moulding silicone.

A new generation of polycondensation moulding silicone.
Exceptional tear resistance, blue catalyst (mix control). Hardness 22 shore A but can be mixed with MM903 to reduce its hardness.
Mould making with high undercut.

Medium dimensional stability and cross-links at room temperature within 24 hours.

White in colour, this silicone is very resistant to abrasion and tearing and is ideal for making small moulds and casting small series.

Small size moulding
Casting of small series

Mixing ratio: 5% (ex: 100g base + 5g catalyst)
Demoulding: minimum 24h (ideally > 72h)
Hardness 22 shore A
Relative density at 25°c: 1.28
Linear shrinkage %: 0,5
500% elongation
Peak temperature )c: 180
Colour: white
Storage: minimum 5° – maximum 32°c
Storage: 6 months in closed packaging


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