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Discover Atelier 924: The Art of Responsible Decoration

In the world of decoration, there are sometimes stories that start out simple, almost innocuous, and turn into something truly special. This is precisely the case for Clara and Laure, the two creative minds behind Atelier 924a small French company that brings a fresh touch to contemporary interior design.

It all began with a conversation between two neighbors-turned-friends, Clara and Laure, who shared a common desire: to embellish their own living spaces with unique, handmade decorative objects. Clara, who had already set her sights on creating her own company, found in Laure the ideal partner to bring her plans – now their plans – to life. And so Atelier 924 was born, a fusion of talent and passion.

What makes Atelier 924 truly unique is its commitment to sustainability and respect for the environment at every stage of the manufacturing process. In collaboration with Finres SA, they use only Jesmonite products for their creations, which are handmade in Lille, France.

Their artisanal approach goes hand in hand with an ecological conscience. Indeed, in their eco-responsible approach, Clara and Laure avoid the use of plastic and paper wherever possible, opting instead for sustainable materials such as FSC cardboard and kraft paper. Items are carefully packed in boxes with cushioning made from recycled paper, while broken parts are recovered and processed to minimize waste. Their use of kraft paper and vegetable glue tape completes their commitment to a lifestyle that respects the planet.

Atelier 924‘s varied range, from coasters to pocket trays, embodies a contemporary and responsible aesthetic. There’s something for every room in your home. Each creation reflects the talent and passion of its founders, offering a unique touch to any interior.

By choosingAtelier 924‘s creations, not only are you adding a touch of contemporary aesthetics to your living space, but you’re also helping to promote a more conscious and environmentally-friendly way of consuming.

Join Clara and Laure on their journey to transform homes into havens of sustainability and style with Atelier 924.

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