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A single-component repair putty in stick form that hardens rapidly under water. Once mixed, the putty can be used to bond wood, metal, plastic and ceramics.

 13,00 115,56 HTVA


Resimetal 105 Aqua Stick is a two-component repair material in stick form that hardens under water after mixing.

It’s a metal repair adhesive that develops high mechanical strength in a short space of time.

– Can be applied to surfaces prepared by hand with a tool

– Adheres to all surfaces under water

– Fast curing – dry in 45 minutes

Typical applications

Suitable for repairing concrete and metal surfaces underwater.

Surface preparation

Metal substrates – Hand tools

1. The material is suitable for application on manually prepared surfaces that are under water.

2. All loose materials such as old coatings and repair materials must be removed from the surface before application, using a wire brush, chisels or scrapers.

using a wire brush, chisels or scrapers.

Mixing and application

Before mixing, please check the following points

1. Ambient and surface temperature above 5°C (41F°).

2. The product is supplied in stick form, so the base and activator components are pre-measured.

3. Simply detach the required amount of material from the stick and knead the product with gloved hands until the green and cream components become pale and homogeneous.

until the green and cream components take on a uniform pale green color.

4. Once fully mixed, the product has a useful life of 15 minutes at 20°C (68F°).

Curing time

Overcoating time

At 20°C (68F°), applied materials must be allowed to harden for the times indicated below before being subjected to the conditions indicated.

These times will be extended at lower temperatures and reduced at higher temperatures:

Service life 15 mins

Dry hard 45 mins

Full cure 90 mins

Minimum – the applied material can be covered as soon as it is dry to the touch.

Maximum – coating time must not exceed 90 minutes.

Once the maximum recovery time has been exceeded, allow the material to harden before sanding.


Shelf life

Mixed material – pale green

Basic component – green

Activator component – cream

5 years if unopened and stored under normal dry conditions (15-30°C/ 60-86°F).