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Clear Epoxy Glaze System

LIQUID RESIN ART A/B is a colourless epoxy glazing system. It is formulated for the realization of glazes on any type of support for interior exhibition such as the realization of 3D floors, bar counters, decorative pieces…

60,25227,08 TTC  


LIQUID RESIN ART A / B is a colourless epoxy glazing system. It is formulated for glazes on all types of surfaces for indoor use, such as 3D floors, bar counters, decorative pieces, etc. This system is particularly suitable for creating a depth effect while guaranteeing lasting protection of the coated surface.
The product can be finished in one pass thanks to its thick consistency which allows the application of layers up to 5 mm thick.
On wood or other porous materials, it is recommended to work at a falling temperature so that air does not escape during the hardening of the product. In order to avoid the inclusion of bubbles in the product during the curing process, it is recommended to first apply a coat of water-based epoxy primer 1010 / 1014 on a porous substrate.


– Clear gloss varnish
– Cures at room temperature
– Self-levelling
– New anti-UV formula
– Thick layer up to 5 mm
– Creation of 3D floors


TG (°C) 57
Mixture density 1.1
Mixture viscosity (mPa.s) 1900
Gel time on 70 mL, 4cm at 23°C 1h15m

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