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AC 100 Metal Filler is a genuine metal powder offering 3 distinct finishes: bronze, copper and brass. This metallic powder integrates easily with acrylic and other synthetic resins. In addition to providing the striking effect of metal, metal-infused resin significantly improves the physical and mechanical properties of the final product. This solution is ideal for applications where both aesthetic appeal and metal performance are required.

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Metal Filler is a metal powder composed of finely ground metal particles.

It is used as a fundamental material in various industrial processes, manufacturing techniques and emerging technologies.

Metal Filler is available in a range of 3 colors: copper, bronze and brass.

One of the main advantages of Metal Filler is its ability to simulate the appearance and properties of solid metal without the constraints of traditional metalworking methods.

Metal powder is also appreciated by artists, designers and hobbyists for its ability to offer a cost-effective alternative to traditional methods, and its capacity to enable the creation of complex, detailed patterns that would be difficult to achieve with solid metal.

Metal Filler, when mixed with resin, forms a homogeneous mixture that can be used in various 3D printing and molding processes, enabling the creation of functional prototypes, complex jewelry or industrial components.

The choice of a specific metal powder depends on the desired properties and applications, such as conductivity, corrosion resistance, heat resistance or mechanical strength.

The resulting objects have the lustre of metal and need to be treated by polishing or other finishing techniques to achieve the desired shine.

Note: the effect of the metal will be more striking starting from a transparent resin than from a white acrylic resin.



3 metal finishes: bronze, copper, brass

Packaging: 1 or 5 kg

Ratio: varies according to resin type

Storage: in original packaging, protected from moisture.

Metal appearance

Metal properties

More economical than solid metal

Easy to format


Add the quantity recommended by the manufacturer according to the nature of the resin.


Ratio 1:2 (100 gr liquid to 200 gr powder)

+ 80%-100% Metal Filler (between 280 gr and 350 gr Metal Filler for 350 gr Jesmonite A+B)


Ratio 1:1 (100g comp. A to 100g comp.B)

+ 150% Metal Filler (300 gr Metal Filler for 200 gr F160 A+B)


Ratio 1:0.4 (100g comp. A to 40g comp.B)

+ 100% Metal Filler (140 gr Metal Filler for 140 gr WWA A+B)

If the chosen resin does not offer total transparency, it may be a good idea to lightly dust the bottom of the mold with Metal Filler alone before filling with resin + Metal Filler, to give the final piece more sparkle.

When removed from the mold, the part retains its metallic color but still has a matte finish. To obtain the characteristic shine of metal, the surface must be treated by polishing or other finishing techniques.

Note: the density of metal (+/-1.8) is significantly higher than that of resins (+/- 1.1), resulting in a tendency for the powder to sag towards the bottom of the mould.

Note 2: The ratios given above are the maximum quantities of filler addition tolerated by the resin, although smaller quantities may be considered.


Under normal conditions of use and in its original form, the product has no negative effect on health.