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OttoPur OP910

Metered-dose foam for excellent sound and heat insulation.


 7,76 HTVA

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OTTOPUR 910 is characterized by its versatility, offering robust performance in a variety of construction applications. It’s particularly effective for mounting and insulating window and door frames, providing high-quality thermal and acoustic insulation.

Its functionality in the assembly of insulation for interior walls makes it a suitable choice for improving the energy performance of interior spaces. What’s more, its ability to seal hollow bodies makes it a useful product for guaranteeing the watertightness and thermal continuity of structures.

OTTOPUR 910 is also used for assembling well rings and manholes for domestic sewage treatment plants, providing a reliable solution for these specific needs.

Particularly recommended for thin waterproofing, this product also excels at bonding rigid polystyrene foam boards, thus meeting perimeter insulation standards as per DIN 4108-2. This makes it the ideal choice for effective thermal insulation.

In short, OTTOPUR 910 is a versatile solution covering a wide range of construction applications, with the emphasis on waterproofing and energy efficiency.


Excellent sound and heat insulation

60 dB sound insulation to EN ISO 717-1

Insulation coefficient 0.035 W/mK to DIN 52612

Produces approx. 45l of foam from a 750ml can

Can be cut after about 30 minutes

Can be used after approx. 3-5 hours