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Calcast 100 is an extremely fine white plaster produced from natural gypsum. This ß semi-hydrated plaster is suitable for creating objets d’art, decorative elements and general molding applications.

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Calcast 100 has been designed as a multifunctional plaster that can be used as a filler and as a material for mold making.

It can be used to create architectural and decorative ornaments, frames, textured coatings, stucco plaster and creative objects of all kinds.

This plaster is ideal for making molds. For a clay casting, for example, due to the high moisture absorption of ß plasters. Or for making molds for bronze parts.

You can also use it to pour cement and similar products, and then cut them out.

For greater mechanical strength, you can reinforce your plaster with burlap or oakum.

If you want to pour plaster into a plaster mold, coat it with black soap to help release it from the mold.



Mixing ratio: 18 liters of water for 25 kg of gypsum (720 ml for 1 kg)
Working time: 10 minutes
Start of setting: ca. 15 min.
Setting time: ca. 35 min
Color: white
Compressive strength after 28 days: 12 MPa
Storage: at room temperature, away from moisture.

The mixing ratio for calcast 100 is 18 liters of water for 25 kg of gypsum, i.e. 720 ml for 100 g of plaster.

Measure out the exact quantity of water and plaster, and sprinkle the powder into the water.

Leave to soak for a few minutes or longer, depending on the nature of the operation.

Then mix thoroughly. For larger quantities, mix by mechanical means.

After checking that the mold is watertight, pour the homogeneous mixture.

To avoid air bubbles, pour the mixture into the mold in a thin stream.

Demolding may take a few hours, depending on room temperature.


The product is not harmful under normal conditions of use and contains no substances harmful to the environment. Wear protective clothing during use. In case of contact with skin or eyes, rinse with water and seek medical advice if necessary.