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G Super is a ceramic casting plaster.

Its fine reproduction, high strength and purity of color make it an exceptional plaster.

 20,19 75,72 HTVA


This synthetic plaster is a fast-setting casting plaster.

It is used for casting sculpture, ornaments and other plaster parts in the industrial and medical sectors.

The structure of the cast material is similar to that of porcelain.

Its high fracture resistance, great hardness and fine reproduction make it the casting material of choice for all your parts, no matter how fragile.

A little extra: this porcelain plaster comes from an environmentally-friendly synthetic gypsum.



Mixing ratio by weight: 4 kg : 1 lt

Mixing ratio by volume: 3 lt : 1 lt

Mixture volume: 2.4 lt

Treatment time: 6 min

Connection time: 10 min

Hardness: over 300 N/ mm².

Color: white

Storage: At least 12 months in vapour-tight packaging. Fears humidity.

Price degressive on order per : 100 kg (4 x 25 kg), or 1000 kg pallet (40 x 25 kg).

Industrial sector

Medical sector

Artistic sector



The mixing ratio for G super is 4kg powder to 1 lt water.

Measure the exact quantity of water and plaster and pour the powder into the water, leave to soak and then stir carefully for about 1 minute, taking care not to create any air bubbles.

For larger volumes, you’ll need a mechanical aid.

After checking that the mold is watertight, pour a thin stream of the fluid mixture into the center of the mold until the surface is completely covered.

As soon as the formwork surface is covered with an air-bubble-free layer, the rest of the mixture can be poured more quickly.

Approx. 20 min. After casting, the relief or model can be removed from the mould.

Place the freshly unmolded piece on wooden lathes.

Once the part has hardened completely (+/- 8:00), the surface can be treated as required.

Exact reproduction of even the finest details.

Porcelain-like structure, no firing or drying required

Fast setting.

Very high hardness and fracture resistance.

Surface treatment available in all commercially available colors

Not harmful to skin or health


Not harmful to skin or health.