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Polyurethane casting resin for protection of electrical systems.

 10,50 11,90 HTVA


COLTCAST HEAVY DUTY is a rigid polyurethane resin that provides complete protection for your electrical systems and electronic circuits.

It hardens by reaction of the two components at room temperature.

Coltcast HD is a solvent-free, low-viscosity system that is resistant to water, moisture, dust, physical shock, vibration and other contaminants.

This resin offers thermal, mechanical and chemical resistance properties with minimal shrinkage.



Mixing ratio by volume: 100 A : 100 B

Shore D hardness: 40

Consumption: 1.1 kg/Litre

Density: 1.14 g/cm³

Viscosity: 800 Mpas

Color: black

Pot life: 2 to 45 minutes

Tensile strength: 15 N/mm2

Electrical resistance: 18.2 kV/mm

Temperature resistance: 110°C (hardened)

Insulation resistance at 23°C: 4.91Ε+13 Ω

Insulation resistance at 70°C: 6.46Ε+12 Ω

Shelf life: 12 months in closed packaging between 10 and 30°C

Encapsulation of cable ends up to 1kV


Low viscosity

Pot life designed for fast curing and easy application

Cold hardening

Good adhesion to cables, plastics and metals

Excellent hydrolytic stability

Low exothermic reaction temperature

High impact resistance

Resistance to chemicals and hydrocarbons

Temperature resistance

Unique two-piece packaging


Before pouring, make sure that all surfaces to be used are free of all traces of moisture. Also ensure that the surface is not contaminated by oils, greases, dusts, lubricants, greases, dusts, lubricants, release agents or other impurities that could prevent adhesion.

COLTCAST HEAVY DUTY is supplied in a two-compartment sachet, in the appropriate mixing ratio.resin (component A) and hardener (component B) are mixed by removing the dentral clip and moving the contents inside the sachet for 2 to 4 minutes. The components must be mixed very carefully, particularly in the corners of the bag. When the contents are well blended, the corner of the sachet should be cut off, and the package can be used as a simple dispenser. Make sure that the procuit is consumed within its pot life.


Avoid contact with skin, eyes and clothing.

After skin contact: wash immediately with soap and water and rinse thoroughly. If reaction/irritation occurs, seek medical advice immediately.

After eye contact: rinse open eye for several minutes under running water. If symptoms persist, consult a doctor.

After swallowing: call a doctor immediately.

After inhalation: Gereralize calm patient, remove to fresh air.