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Jesmonite® AC730 Flex Metal Gel Coat is an innovative system that brings a metallic finish to cast materials. It is available in 4 finishes: bronze, copper, silver bronze and brass, and must be used in conjunction with Jesmonite AC 730.

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Jesmonite® AC730 Flex Metal Gel Coat is an acrylic polymer-modified cement-based composite to which real metal powder has been added.

This ingenious system is used when the striking effect of metal is to be imitated.

Suitable for decorative objects, ornamental pieces, architectural moldings, cladding and much more.

The kit consists of a water-based acrylic liquid and a powder base to be combined in a specific ratio according to the finish chosen.

Flex metal gel coat is designed to be applied as a first coat to the bottom of a mold, and then covered with Jesmonite AC 730 or AC 830, either cast or reinforced with fiberglass.

Gel coats are available in 4 finishes: bronze, copper, silver bronze and brass.

Metal Filler is available in a range of 3 colors: copper, bronze and brass.

One of the main advantages of Metal Filler is its ability to simulate the appearance and properties of solid metal without the constraints of traditional metalworking methods.

Metal powder is also appreciated by artists, designers and hobbyists for its ability to offer a cost-effective alternative to traditional methods, and its capacity to enable the creation of complex, detailed patterns that would be difficult to achieve with solid metal.

Metal Filler, when mixed with resin, forms a homogeneous mixture that can be used in various 3D printing and molding processes, enabling the creation of functional prototypes, complex jewelry or industrial components.

The choice of a specific metal powder depends on the desired properties and applications, such as conductivity, corrosion resistance, heat resistance or mechanical strength.

The resulting objects have the lustre of metal and need to be treated by polishing or other finishing techniques to achieve the desired shine.

Note: the effect of the metal will be more striking starting from a transparent resin than from a white acrylic resin.



Mixing ratio by weight :

  • Flex metal bronze 5.5 : 1
  • Flex metal brass 5.5 : 1
  • Flex metal copper 7 : 1

Fire resistance: B-s1-d0

Weather resistance/durability ETAG 034: 25 years

Dimensional stability: S = 0.83; E = 1.28

Water absorption/porosity: 2.26%.

Freeze-thaw resistance: 300 cycles

Storage: at a constant temperature between 5 and 25°C

4 genuine metal finishes

Solvent- and VOC-free

Fast curing

Metal look and feel

Indoor and outdoor use

Remarkable properties



Follow the recommended ratio according to the metal finish chosen.

Weigh and thoroughly mix the powdered base with its liquid hardener.

The mixture should be fluid, lump-free and thick, but easy to apply with a brush to form a 1-2 mm thick layer.

It is very important to keep the mixture agitated during application to avoid any settling of the heavy metal powders contained in the product.


When the mixture is homogeneous, apply a thin 1-2 mm layer to the bottom of the mould. When the gel coat begins to harden, make another mixture with AC 730 and fill the rest of the mold.


To create strong, resistant panels, reinforce AC 730 with glass reinforcements such as Jesmonite quadriaxial fabric.

When using fiber reinforcement on gelcoat, successively brush on a layer of Jesmonite AC 730 mixture, a fiber cloth, a second layer of the same mixture, a second layer of fiber, a third layer of the mixture, a third fiber cloth, and finally a final layer of the mixture to make the fiber mesh disappear.


Gel coats flex metal work best with silicone rubber molds, but it’s also possible to use polyurethane molding compounds with a suitable release wax. Rigid GRP, wood or plaster molds are to be avoided.


Depending on the size and complexity of the panel, it should then be left to dry in the mold for 2 to 3 hours.

During the drying process, objects should be stored in a warm but not too dry environment.

They should be placed on shelves to allow optimum air circulation, and stored in such a way that the panels cannot shift or bend under their own weight.


After demolding, the surface of the jesmonite flex metal gel coat must be polished to reveal the shine of the metal powders.

It is essential to allow the print to dry for at least 24 hours before polishing.