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Taffeta glass fabrics are woven 0°/ 90°. Choose your weight and quantity.  

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Taffeta glass fabrics are woven 0°/ 90°.

They are dimensionally stable. Light weights (under 50g/m²) are used as a surface veil in the first coat, either directly on the part or behind a Gel-Coat.

They are generally more difficult to drape than twill fabrics and are therefore mainly intended for flat or less complex surfaces. These fabrics are used for hand lay-up, infusion and RTM applications.

25 and 48 gr/m² fabrics are regularly used in model making.

Application example

  • Boat building
  • Aircraft construction
  • Boards, surfboards, kites, …
  • Model making
  • Production of composite parts, molds
  • The repair

Theoretical consumption :

1.5 x grammage/m² (example: 1 m² fabric 162 gr/m² = 243 gr/m² resin per layer)×201.jpg